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In an effort to improve high school science, math, and technology education teaching and learning, the National Science Foundation sponsored a planning study. The objective was to develop criteria, standards, and a process for programming and planning prototype laboratories and support spaces for secondary school instruction.

This web site, the result of the planning study, suggests a planning process and offers criteria and standards that, when used together, can help determine what additional or improved facilities are needed for your programs. Not all improvements require new space. Existing facilities can be renovated to more closely support your curriculum.

The ten areas of this interactive web site follow the structure of the planning process and provide the tools, guidelines, and data necessary to plan and design high school science, math, and technology education teaching spaces.

Although you must start with the Essentials page, you can subsequently move freely throughout the ten areas and related documentation by clicking on the Process Steps. This site provides an interactive tool for exploring alternative laboratory and discussion area layouts. Please see the Guidelines page.



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An Advisory Committee, composed of educators and other professionals who have a broad understanding of science education today, guided the project. In conjunction with the Advisory Committee, a Teacher Consultant Group of secondary and post-secondary school science and tech-ed faculty assisted in the case study fact-finding, and reviewed and commented on the data and analyses throughout the study.

Exemplary science programs and schools were identified and studied. In addition, a national survey was conducted of a random sampling of NSTA and ITEA department chairs and teachers. The purpose was to assist in the definition of the facilities required to support science, mathematics/computer science, and technology education curriculum, pedagogy, and the integration of computers and technology into the teaching and learning environment.

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